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Sponsor the JESUS DATABASE site for one month

For US$250.00 you can make a substantial contribution to the Jesus Database project by underwriting the site for one month. This figure includes the web site hosting charges, as well as related costs for software and site maintenance charges.



Make a recurring monthly payment

Automatic monthly payment of US$5.00  

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Make a recurring annual payment

Automatic annual payment of US$25.00
Automatic annual payment of US$50.00
Automatic annual payment of US$100.00



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Please note the following important information.

FaithFutures Foundation ceased operations in December 2013. The Foundation had been registered as a not-for-profit organisation in Kansas and also as a 501c3 organisation with IRS. FAITHFUTURES is a registered business name owned by Gregory Charles Jenks, and is registered under Australian law. ABN: 66 595 705 410. Payments made to Gregory Charles Jenks trading as FAITHFUTURES are not charitable donations and are not eligible to be claimed as tax deductions.