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Lambs Among Wolves


(1a) 1Q: Luke 10:3 = Matt 10:16a
(1b) 2 Clem 5:2



(1a) 1Q: Luke 10:3 = Matt 10:16a

/10:3/ Go on your way. See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves.

= Matt 10:16a
/10:16/ "See, I am sending you out like sheep into the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.


(1b) 2 Clem 5:2

/5:1/Wherefore brethren, let us forsake our sojourning in this world, and do the will of him who called us, and let us not fear to go forth from this world, /2/ for the Lord said, "Ye shall be as lambs in the midst of wolves," /3/ and Peter answered and said to him, "if then the wolves tear the lambs?" /4/ Jesus said to Peter, "Let the lambs have no fear of the wolves after their death; and do ye have no fear of those that slay you, and can do nothing more to you, but fear him who after your death hath power over body and soul, to cast them into the flames of hell." [Sayings Parallels]






John Dominic Crossan

Item: 147
Stratum: I (30-60 CE)
Historicity: +


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