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Wise and Righteous


(1) DialSav 4-7



(1) DialSav 4-7

/4:1/ [Mat]thew said, "How [...] [...]?" /2/The Savior said, "[...] the things that are in you [...] will remain, [but] you [...]."
/5:1/ Judas [said], "Lord, [...] the works []ese souls, these [...] these little ones, when [...] where will they be? [...] the spirit [...]." /2/The Lord [said], "[...] [...] recei[ve th]em. /3/These do not die [...] they do not perish, for they have known [their] consorts and the one who will re[cei]ve them. /4/For the truth seeks [after] the wise and the righteous."
/6:1/ The Savior s[aid], "The lamp [of the b]ody is the mind. /2/As long as [the things that are] in you are rightly ordered, that is, [...] your bodies are [light]. As long as your heart is da[rk], your light which you await [...]. /3/ I have call[ed...] that I shall go [...] my word [...] I send to [...]."
/7:1/ His discipl[es said, "Lord,] who is the one who seeks and [...] reveals?" /2/[The Lord] sai[d to them,] "The one who seeks [is also the one who] reveals [...]." /3/Matt[hew said to him, "Lord, wh]en I [hear...] and [when] I speak, who is the one who [speaks, and who] the one who hears?" /4/The [Lord] said, "The one who speaks is also the one who h[ears], and the one who sees is also [the one who] reveals." [Complete Gospels]




John Dominic Crossan

Item: 328
Stratum: II (60-80 CE)
Attestation: Single
Historicity: -
Common Sayings Tradition: No


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