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This Impoverished Cosmos


(1) DialSav 25-26 (= ch 13 in some editions)



(1) DialSav 25-26 (= ch 13 in some editions)

/25/ [Ma]ry asked her brothers, "Where will you set down [the things] about which you ask the son of [Adam]?"
/26/ The Lord [said] to her, "Sister, [no one] will be able to inquire about these things ex[cept one] who has a place to set them down in the heart. [...] to come forth [...] and enter [...] so that they might not be bound [to] this miserable world." [Complete Gospels]




John Dominic Crossan

Item: 330
Stratum: II (60-80 CE)
Attestation: Single
Historicity: -
Common Sayings Tradition: No


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