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Vision of God


(1) DialSav 41-46 (= ch 18 in some editions)



(1) DialSav 41-46 (= ch 18 in some editions)

/41/ Mary [said, "...] see the evil [...] them from the beginning [...] each other."
/42/ The Lord said [to her], "When you see them [...] become great, they will [...]. But when you
see the One who is forever, that is the great vision."
/43/ Then they all said to him, "Make it known to us."
/44/ He said to them, "How do you wish to see it---[in] a vision that will pass or in an eternal vision?" Again he said, "Strive to save the one who is able to follow [you], and seek him and speak with him, so that as you seek him everything may be in harmony with you.
/45/ [ ... ]
/46/ For I say to you, truly, the living God [is] in you [...] in him." [Complete Gospels]




John Dominic Crossan

Item: 332
Stratum: II (60-80 CE)
Attestation: Single
Historicity: -
Common Sayings Tradition: No


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