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Kingdom and Fullness


(1) ApJas 2:1-4 [=SecJas 2:1-3:1]



(1) ApJas 2:1-4 [=SecJas 2:1-3:1]

/2:1/ Now the twelve disciples [used to] sit all together at the [same time], remembering what the Savior had said to each one of them, whether secretly or openly, and setting it down in books. /2/ I was writing what went in [my book]---suddenly, the Savior appeared, [after] he had departed from [us, and while we were watching] for him. /3/ And so, five hundred fifty days after he rose from the dead, we said to him, "You went away and left us!" /4/ "No," Jesus said, "but I shall go to the place from which I have come. If you wish to come with me, come on!" /5/ They all replied, "If you bid us, we'll come." /6/ He said, "I swear to you, no one will ever enter heaven's domain at my bidding, but rather because you yourselves are full. /7/ Let me have James and Peter, so that I may fill them." /3:1/ And when he called these two, he took them aside, and commanded the rest to carry on with what they had been doing. [Complete Gospels]






John Dominic Crossan

Item: 491
Stratum: IV (120-150 CE)
Historicity: -


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