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Become Full


(1) ApJas 3:6-9 [=SecJas 3:11-18]



(1) ApJas 3:6-9 [=SecJas 3:11-18]

/3:11/ Therefore, I say to you, become full and leave no place within you empty, or else the one who is coming will be able to mock you." /12/ Then Peter responded, "Look, three times you have told us, `Become [full,' but] we are full." /13/ The [Lord replied], "This [is why I told] you, [`Become full,' so] that [you] might not [be lacking; those who are lacking] will not [be saved]. /14/ For fullness is good [and lacking], bad. /15/ Therefore, inasmuch as it's good for you to lack but bad for you to be filled, whoever is full tends to be lacking. /16/ One who lacks is not filled in the same way that another who lacks is filled; but whoever is full receives his just deserts. /17/ Therefore, it's fitting to lack while it's possible to fill yourselves, and to be filled while it's possible to lack, so that you may be able [to fill] yourselves the more. /18/ Therefore, [become] full of the spirit but lacking in reason. For reason is of the soul; indeed, it is soul." [Complete Gospels]






John Dominic Crossan

Item: 492
Stratum: IV (120-150 CE)
Historicity: -


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